Mokume Gane

Discover the beauty and intricate design possibilities of mokume gane jewelry

Mokume Gane is an ancient Japanese metalworking technique which when translated, means “wood-grain metal”. During the Samurai Era, Mokume Gane was used to create adornments on the handles of the Samurai’s sword. These marks were considered to be symbols of status and wealth. Today the technique is used to create contemporary art and jewelry. The process involves layering thin sheets of metal and exposing them to heat and pressure which causes the layers to fuse rather than melt. Forging, twisting, cutting, or otherwise manipulating the layered material can produce many different organic looking patterns. The end result is the unique and distinctive layered pattern in the metal that mimics the grains on wood. It is a representation of the harmony of nature as embodied in wood while having the strength and polish of metal.

Each mokume gane ring features unique patterns, like the banding of a tree. The patterned materials symbolize the joining of souls into a single integrated creation, far greater in strength than its components, yet preserving the essence of individuality.

By incorporating this old Japanese method into our jewelry collections, we can produce truly original pieces. Depending on your personal preferences, we can incorporate different metals to create different hues and patterns that give personality to every piece. From engagement rings and wedding bands to beautiful family heirlooms, mokume gane is always stunning and truly original in appearance.

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